The Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP) is a coalition committed to providing long-term leadership and near-term solutions to improve future urban mobility. Our innovative partnership represents the breadth of the urban mobility landscape. We were founded to ensure that effective policy at a national, regional and local level, combined with new technology, supports better mobility and helps tackle the major challenges of congestion, air quality and climate change. We provide a forum for the discussion and promotion of new policy ideas around urban mobility, including embracing the role of smart technology in the provision of mobility services that will improve air quality and consumer’s lives. Our vision is for a UK with an integrated, multi-modal national transport policy that places the needs of the consumer at its heart by reducing congestion and improving air quality. Our members include Enterprise, Stagecoach, Conduent Transportation, Trainline, Foot Anstey, Brompton Bike Hire and Dott.

Urban Mobility Partnership


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