West Midlands Mayoral Candidate Liam Byrne addresses UMP members alongside James Lancaster, Chair of the partnership


Ahead of this year’s Mayoral and Local Elections the Urban Mobility Partnership is looking to engage with candidates up and down the country to discuss the important issues of air quality and transport and to share innovative ideas with candidates which they could take into office.

Last week on Thursday 25th March, UMP members sat down for an hour-long virtual Q&A session with Liam Byrne, the Labour Candidate for Mayor of the West Midlands and MP for Birmingham, Hodge Hill. The session allowed Liam Byrne to outline his vision for transport in the region if he were to be elected and take questions from key stakeholders across the region. In this vision, he has a clear ambition to deliver the first net zero transport system and for the region to lead the green industrial revolution in Britain. He also expressed a clear wish to have a community focus in delivering these objectives.

The Q&A was chaired by the Chair of UMP James Lancaster, who introduced the work of UMP in delivering and developing clear policy solutions to improve the future of urban mobility. 

UMP members had the opportunity to discuss a range of key transport issues with Liam Byrne, such as how congestion can be alleviated and air quality improved in the West Midlands. The wide-ranging conversation covered topics including, returning to public transport post-covid, ensuring we get more people using active travel, turning the West Midlands into a pioneer of hydrogen technology, and incorporating new technologies into the West Midlands transport system.  

It was fantastic to hear Liam’s ambitious vision for transport in the West Midlands and answers to these vital issues. We were delighted to have Liam’s interest and to hear that he shares our vision to transform travel for communities across the region. UMP wish him the best of luck in the upcoming Mayoral elections and we look forward to working with him to develop the future of transport in the West Midlands if he becomes Mayor.

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