The Urban Mobility Partnership is delighted to have been quoted in this excellent piece by Smart Transport, which looks at the best ways to decarbonise the commute.

Prior to the pandemic, commuter journeys accounted for 15% of all trips and 20% of total travel distance in the UK – totalling 18 billion kilos of CO2 emissions per year. If – as current data indicates – commuters remain reluctant to return to public transport for fear of further outbreaks and, instead, use their cars to get to work, emissions associated with commuting could conceivably rise.

The Urban Mobility Partnership is calling on the Government to invest a further £190m to incentivise local authorities to invest in MaaS and tax-free mobility credits. In its response to the Government’s DTP paper, UMP says: “Just switching to EVs will not deliver the change in our transport system we need.

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