The Urban Mobility Partnership is delighted to today welcome Liftango, a leading provider of demand responsive transport systems across the world, to its coalition. The Urban Mobility Partnership is committed to providing long-term leadership and near-term solutions to improve future urban mobility and working in partnership with local and national governments to develop and implement policy solutions to reduce congestion and transport emissions. Liftango, joining Enterprise, Stagecoach, Dott, Foot Anstey, Brompton Bike Hire, Conduent Transportation and Trainline, will be adding its global expertise in demand responsive transport, sustainable travel, smart cities and digitalised transport platforms to the partnership. James Lancaster, Head of European Mobility at Enterprise and Chair of the Urban Mobility Partnership, says: “The Urban Mobility Partnership is delighted to today welcome Liftango to its growing membership. Liftango represents the future of transport with its focus on technological solutions and demand responsive transport, and we are excited to work closely in partnership with Liftango to secure long-term policy change that incentivises a modal shift in how we view transport. We welcome Liftango’s expertise in launching and scaling shared mobility programs to provide a pathway to a sustainable and interconnected transport future. Liftango represents another important aspect of the future of transport and will add valuable insight to the Urban Mobility Partnership’s policy development and presence as a unique partnership, bringing together different aspects of the sector.” Kevin Orr, CEO and Co-founder at Liftango, says:

We are delighted to join the Urban Mobility Partnership, and we look forward to working with the Partnership to help carry out its vision for a sustainable and multi-modal future. As an on-demand shared transport provider, we are excited to work with the other members of the Partnership on forward-thinking, innovative and technological solutions that will encourage a modal shift which will help to reduce congestion and improve air quality. We are looking forward to being part of this innovative and forward-thinking Partnership, which has successfully began to change the way think about transport.”

Kevin Orr

CEO and Co-founder, Liftango

Urban Mobility Partnership


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